No More Bullshit

If you’re like me you’ve seen a lot of the sign pictured above in the past few months. They’re scattered throughout Northern Wisconsin. “Make America Great Again” doesn’t work as a campaign slogan when you’re running for re-election, not that an illogical strategy ever stopped Donald Trump. Everything about him defies logic. “Make America Great Again Again” is funny, and Mike Pence floated it during the Republican Convention this past summer, but that understandably didn’t stick. “Keep America Great” is so dumb and tone deaf in the midst of the worst pandemic in 100 years that I haven’t seen too much of that one. Plus KAG just doesn’t have the same ring to it as MAGA. It seems some (not so) creative Trump backers have decided to make the unofficial campaign slogan “Trump 2020: No More Bullshit.”

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

“No More Bullshit” is somehow less offensive than “Make America Great Again” unless you’re the kind of person who’s easily offended by cursing. While I have no fact or data to back this up, I’m certain that the same people who fly the “no more bullshit” flag would’ve called for Barack Obama’s impeachment if he dared utter that word even once during his presidency. Think about the example he’s setting for the children! For the record my 13-year-old daughter took the picture of the bullshit flag you see above while my 11 and 9 year old watched. I have no problem talking to my kids about a harmless curse word. I struggle to explain to them why someone would knowingly fly it in their yard in an endorsement of a sitting president. It takes a lot to offend me, but I do find great offense in Trump and his people inferring with their MAGA campaign slogan that we’d all be better off wiping out decades of progress and rewinding back to a world where white male heterosexual Christians rig the rules in their favor and everyone else gets scraps. I’m sure Trump and his lot yearn for the days when they could grab pussy and recommend the death penalty for innocent black men with impunity, but how did that work out for everyone else? Remember when Dave Chappelle said black people won’t mess with time machines because nobody would go any further back than 1970? That’s the “great” America that Trump is trying to bring back.

This trailer was spotted by my buddy Tyson on Highway 141 in Northern Wisconsin

“No More Bullshit” is also less offensive than another popular unofficial Trump slogan I’ve been seeing for over a year: “Trump 2020: Fuck Your Feelings.” Nice. I thought most of you were Christians. I’m no theologian but I’m certain Jesus never said anthing remotely close to, “Do not do unto others. Fuck your feelings.” I’m actually far less offended by the sentiment than I am by the appalling hypocrisy. Does anyone whine more than Donald Trump? Every speech, press conference, and rally is just an excuse for him to bitch about how unfairly he feels he’s treated. Black people are shot down in the streets like animals by police so frequently it’s impossible to remember the names of all the victims. Yet when people try to rally and protest for fair policing and justice for the slain they’re called “thugs” and told “fuck your feelings.” Refugees come to America for safety and opportunity and get turned back, but not before having their children taken from them and locked up in cages. Fuck their feelings. Ask someone in a “Fuck Your Feelings” t-shirt to suffer the mild incovenience of wearing a face covering for the good of their fellow man during a pandemic that’s killed 225,000 Americans and over a million people worldwide and they’ll storm their state capitol building with AR-15’s screaming about their freedom being taken away. They tried to kidnap a sitting state governor because she told people to stay home unless it was necessary and wear a mask when they’re outside. Let me repeat that: A governor asked people to sacrifice to save other people’s lives and some people’s feelings were so hurt they decided she needed to be kidnapped. That actually happened.

“Keep America Great” has to be the most offensive of all because, to borrow a phrase from Joe Biden, come on! Take a look around. No need to explain why that slogan is absurd.

So, congratulations to Trump’s supporters for the unlikely accomplishment of making “No More Bullshit” their least offensive slogan. I just have one question: What exactly does it mean? I think I know what it means, but I’d like to hear the explanation from someone who felt so strongly about it that they needed to fly the words “no more bullshit” in their front yard. A phrase like “no more bullshit” makes more sense coming from the challenger than the incumbent. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have too much class and self-awareness to be associated with a slogan so asinine. It would’ve made more sense for Trump in 2016 if you sincerely felt like eight years of relative peace and prosperity under the Obama Administration was bullshit. But “no more bullshit” being the incumbent’s slogan? He created the bullshit. This is his bullshit. When you’re in charge you don’t get to play the disgruntled underdog card.

This is the scary truth. When they say “no more bullshit” they’re implying that Trump has been playing nice for the past four years. No more bullshit means more teargassing of peaceful protestors like Lafayette Park. No more bullshit means more National Guard inciting unnecessary violence in the streets like Stormtroopers in “Democrat run” cities that get out of line. No more bullshit means Trump never has to acknowledge COVID-19 or 225,000 deceased. He’s already saying we’ll never have to hear about COVID again on November 4. No more bullshit means Trump doesn’t even need to pretend to care about climate change or environmental justice for the next four years, not that he ever really did in the first place. Although he did claim to know more about the wind than anybody… No more bullshit means ramming an openly partisan Supreme Court Justice through in 40 days so he can cheat to win was just the tip of the iceberg. No more bullshit means more “militia” members like Kyle Rittenhouse can roam our streets with assault rifles looking for trouble, murder innocent people, yet be treated like heroes. No more bullshit means more racist ass holes like Gregory and Travis McMichael can continue to kill innocent black men in the street and claim self-defense. They’ll just call it law and order! No more bullshit guarantees that the 500+ kids still in cages will never be reunited with their parents. No more bullshit means overturning Roe v. Wade and banning same sex marriage. No more bullshit means people like Trump can continue sexually assaulting whoever they please and then paying victims hush money or tying them up in court for so long they can’t afford to defend themselves and never having to answer for it. No more bullshit means that thoughtful, courageous public figures like Colin Kaepernick will continue to be blackballed for peaceful protests. Shut up and dribble, LeBron! No more of your bullshit! The “bullshit” that these people are referring to is what they like to disdainfully call “political correctness” and “fake news.” The bigger problem is what they refer to as political correctness is actually just equality, empathy, basic human decency, and facts. Remember, when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. These angry white Trump supporters with their “no more bullshit” flags think that they’re being oppressed. Imagine if they knew for one second what real oppression feels like. They’d fight back and call themsleves patriots. They already do.

If I’m wrong, then please tell us all what you really mean when you say “no more bullshit.” I’d love to be wrong on this one, because if I’m right and you’re saying that four more years of Trump means that what we’ve seen so far is just him playing nice and now that he doesn’t need to concern himself with reelection the gloves are coming off, then we’re all in big trouble. If you haven’t voted for Joe Biden yet, get out there and do it because we need to make America well again before we can think about making it great. We won’t survive four more years of this bullshit.

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