2545 Larsen Road

I started visiting Tweet/Garot Mechanical in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when I was a kid.  My Great Grandfather, Andy Tweet, had started a Tweet Brothers Plumbing in 1924 and after a series of purchases, acquisitions, mergers…I’m not good with the terminology…it became Tweet/Garot Mechanical in the late-1970’s.  In 1979 they moved to a shop on Larsen […]

It’s Christmas (Music) Time

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when I have to listen to people complain about holiday music.  I really don’t get you people.  If you want to complain about holiday music in early-November, I’ll give you that.  I don’t get it, but whatever.  You can complain then.  Once Thanksgiving week is […]

Deer Hunt 2018: What a Weekend

As I spend my final hour in my 32 square feet of Polk County heaven I thought I’d check in one final time from the field. One lesson learned this weekend: It’s difficult to live blog something and enjoy the moment at the same time. There were many times I thought, “I should write about […]

Deer Hunt 2018: BBD

A brief recap of opening morning. We’ve seen 15 deer. The one pictured above is the only one that possessed antlers. He tried to creep past us to the north at about 8:40 AM. I’ll tell the full story another time, but I’m happy with this guy. A big bodied 8-pointer that would’ve been a […]

Deer Hunt 2018: HATS!

Cousin Becky texted me months ago asking how many people were hunting this year. Then she texted me again sometime in October asking the same thing. I didn’t ask why. I figured some kind of Uncle Rick joke was looming. I was wrong. Tonight CB’s husband presented us with a bag of hats all made […]

Deer Hunt 2018: Getting Caught Up

Since the last post: Uncle Rick was stopped at the Canadian border while looking for Highway 70 west Mitch and Gary arrived Tyson made us all laugh harder than we ever have in our lives when he discovered Dave’s lamb skin cock sheath The Packers second string defense is struggling Tyson and Kneecap learned how […]