Top 19 Albums of the 2010’s

The 2010’s are almost over?!?  What a decade for music…right?  I think?  I’m not sure music itself has gotten any better or worse.  Pop music is terrible and popular rock music hardly has a pulse anymore (save us, Greta Van Fleet!).  I continue to say music is better than it’s ever been, you just have […]

ICYMI: Patience

Friday, July 11, 2014.  A day that will live forever in my mind as one of the best of my life.  Honestly, I had to look up the date in Apple Photo.  I didn’t remember the exact date, but I certainly remember the events.  It was my first trip to Seattle to visit my brother, […]

Visually Appealing Vinyl

I’m quite proud of the record collection I’ve amassed.  I have a subscription to Apple Music and I love it.  As I’m typing this I have my headphones on and I’m enjoying a new Kehlani album I likely would’ve never heard if I had to pay $9.99 for it.  A lot of my music listening […]

Jazz for Beginners

My buddy Tyson texted me tonight.  He sent me a list from Vinyl Me, Please of “The 10 Best Albums for a Jazz Beginner” and it was interesting.  I love Vinyl Me, Please.  It’s a perfect subscription record club and blog site for a vinyl head/music nerd like me.  Like any good list, this one […]

ICYMI: Quicksilver

I spent last weekend in Seattle with my brother, Andy, while he recovered from surgery to remove a tumor from his back.  We did make it to a couple of my Seattle-trip staples like Easy Street Records and Ebbets Field Flannels, but most of the trip was spent in his apartment.  If you saw the […]

ICYMI: We Ain’t Them

I originally posted this on the site three months ago, but I did some house cleaning on the blog and had to re-post it.  Please excuse any dated references. I distinctly remember sending my brother an e-mail about Donald Glover many years ago saying, “To me, this guy is the genius that everyone claims Kanye […]

ICYMI: One Step Ahead

I originally posted this on the site a few months ago when the Queen of Soul passed, but I did some house cleaning on the blog and had to re-post it.  Please excuse any dated references.  R.I.P. Aretha Franklin. A few weeks ago I wrote that Tariq Trotter (a.k.a. Black Thought) is the GOAT MC. […]