October 7

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I have mentioned that one or a hundred times on this website.  In September the weather cools and the leaves start changing.  In late-September my thoughts turn to the Ahnapee River.  By late-October my mind is in my deer stand in Polk County.  Since I became a father […]

The Ahnapee Calls Again

I’ve spent years on various blogs writing about deer hunting.  If you’ve followed me at all you’ve read countless stories of my time in the northwoods chasing whitetails.  I also love bird hunting, and because my dad was an avid bird hunter, it’s really what I grew up around.  My dad has hunted deer as […]

Special Delivery

Before I start tonight’s post, I have to give a big shout out to Andy and Tyson.  I asked for deer stories and they delivered.  Both left me laughing out loud multiple times.  Whether it was Andy referencing our grandpa the sex mentor or Tyson’s tarsal staining and rose colored urine, I got exactly what […]

Tews and Pac

Last Friday was my boy Tews’s birthday.  I forget a lot of things, but for some reason one of the few things I do usually remember is to text my boy to wish him a happy birthday.  It’s weird now that we’re in our 40’s.  What do you say to someone turning 42?  “Happy birthday! […]

First Deer

I’d like to try something new this year.  Some of these blog posts are going to be live documents that will be continually updated by the deer hunting crew.  We can exchange stories and add to the post as frequently as we feel necessary. The first topic is going to be a simple one: Recall […]


Frequent readers of the blog will want to sit down for this one.  As you all know, the unofficial sponsor of the mookiefantana.com deer hunting blog has always been Kwik Trip.  Sponsor is probably not the appropriate word.  Inspiration?  Muse?  Delicious snack and satisfying beverage provider?  I always thought sponsor sounded good, but it’s not […]