More Mookie!

Up until recently I’ve just posted at random.  Now I’m proud to present my first theme: In Case You Missed It.  I’m constantly listening to music and thinking, “I wonder if anyone else thinks about this song as much as I do.”  Now when I feel that way I’ll write about those songs and post them […]

This Cork Record Mat Probably Means There is No Line

I don’t remember when I started collecting records again.  I say “again” because I did have records at some point.  I remember proudly presenting my Michael Jackson “Thriller” vinyl at show-and-tell in Mrs. Anderson’s 1st grade class.  I still have some New Jack Swing-Era 12″ singles.  If you’re looking for hard-to-find remixes of anything by […]

Gratitude and Pep-O-Mint Life Savers

It’s been a strange week.  More accurately, it’s been a strange year.  There was a lump in my wife’s chest.  Mammogram: Inconclusive.  Ultrasound: Inconclusive.  Ultrasound guided biopsy done on Monday, January 8.  Tuesday, January 9, I was in the middle of the 3rd quarter of coaching my daughter’s first 5th grade basketball game when I […]

Waiting Room

We found out about a month ago that my wife has breast cancer. Her doctor referred to it as the “vanilla ice cream” of breast cancers. It made us laugh and was oddly reassuring, but it’s going to take more than Dairy Queen to take the edge off of the news that my wife, best […]

Vinyl Chill Playlist Pt. 1

Sitting here late on a Friday night torn between two worlds.  Only a wall separates me from a half dozen enthusiastic 10-year-old girls who are simultaneously celebrating my daughter’s birthday and destroying my living room.  I’m in my den seeking solitude the only way I know how: With a bottle of scotch.  Just kidding.  If you’re […]

Yet Another Prince Playlist

I know you’ve all spent the past nine months seeing one Prince tribute after another.  One Prince greatest hits mix after another.  The official Prince Greatest Hits, 40 track, double CD was released – 4Ever – and it’s a cool mix.  Here’s the problem: Even 40 tracks doesn’t begin to cover Prince’s greatness.  Most people I know […]

The Best Album of 2×16

December means a lot of things.  It’s the holiday season.  Everyone is hustling to find that perfect gift for their loved ones.  Holiday parties every weekend.  As my family loves to say, it’s also eating season, and I do plenty of that.  It’s also “Best of” list season.  If more than one of anything happened […]