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About Me

My name is Charlie Brawner. Why is this mookiefantana.com, you ask? Because one time I was go-karting and we needed to enter names for the scoreboard. Charlie Brawner seemed pedestrian so I combined the best first and last names I could think of in the moment and became mediocre go-kart racer Mookie Fantana. My friend Colin was Butch Cutlass. I like his better. I feel like Butch Cutlass and Mookie Fantana could rule the world together, or at least star in a buddy comedy.

I like to write, but I’m all over the map.  I might write about Prince today and deer hunting tomorrow.  Then I might take a month off.  Or three months off. I need to work on consistency. In November I’ll post 3-4 times some days.  I’m mostly doing this to occasionally entertain the same 6-8 people and if I somehow attract more, that’s fun.  I’m hoping Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule will kick in and maybe I’ll get good at this along the way.  The real reason I’m doing this is for when I drop over dead someday I can leave something behind for my kids to read and hopefully say, “That was my dad. He’s not just the guy who gets mad at me twice a day for leaving dirty dishes in the living room. Cool.”

You can see my recent posts here or click the links above for more. Thanks for stopping by.