Ten Most Influential Albums

In March 2020 I stumbled upon a rarity: A Facebook trend that I actually enjoyed. This was the post:

Choose ten albums that greatly influenced your taste in music. One album for ten consecutive days. No explanation, no reviews, just album covers. Every day I will ask someone else to do the same. Today I nominate (insert name here).

I spent way too much time dissecting my Apple Music and vinyl collections to whittle thousands of albums down to 10. Keep in mind, this was not asking for my ten favorite albums or the list might look completely different. These were ten albums that influenced my taste in music. After determining my list and posting a picture on Facebook every day I decided that wasn’t enough. This topic required ten posts and at least 15,000 words. I had to analyze each decision and tell my story. Why did I choose these? What missed the cut?

Here’s my list: