A 5-Hour Trip to Wendy’s

By Tyson Novinska – November 7, 2019 When it comes to hunting, or shooting anything with a firearm really, there was no way that I could ever come close to the level of marksmanship that my friend Jim could display.  Clays.  Ducks.  Ringnecks.  He could nail anything that was about 18″ and moved at a […]

The 42-Year Old Rookie

By Charlie Brawner – November 7, 2019 When I was a child my grandpa and uncles went deer hunting every year.  They would leave a day or two before the annual gun deer hunting opener – the Saturday before Thanksgiving – and stay for a few days.  They’d come back for a day or two […]

Steve Gunn, etc.

Friends, I’ve been laid up. Them doctors, they just plum ripped out part of my spine. They done messed me up real good. Uhhh, anyway. I’ve been laid up. Laid up in Seattle, in the months of January and February and now March. There is not a worse time in a worse place to be […]

Good Riddance, 2018

I hate the new year holiday.  The six weeks between mid-November and late-December are my favorite time of year.  January 1 symbolizes the end of all of that and the start of cold, dark winter.  I spent most of New Year’s Day doing what I do every year: Ridding my house of any reminder of […]

2545 Larsen Road

I started visiting Tweet/Garot Mechanical in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when I was a kid.  My Great Grandfather, Andy Tweet, had started a Tweet Brothers Plumbing in 1924 and after a series of purchases, acquisitions, mergers…I’m not good with the terminology…it became Tweet/Garot Mechanical in the late-1970’s.  In 1979 they moved to a shop on Larsen […]

Deer Hunt 2018: What a Weekend

As I spend my final hour in my 32 square feet of Polk County heaven I thought I’d check in one final time from the field. One lesson learned this weekend: It’s difficult to live blog something and enjoy the moment at the same time. There were many times I thought, “I should write about […]

Deer Hunt 2018: BBD

A brief recap of opening morning. We’ve seen 15 deer. The one pictured above is the only one that possessed antlers. He tried to creep past us to the north at about 8:40 AM. I’ll tell the full story another time, but I’m happy with this guy. A big bodied 8-pointer that would’ve been a […]