Deer Hunt 2018: What a Weekend

As I spend my final hour in my 32 square feet of Polk County heaven I thought I’d check in one final time from the field. One lesson learned this weekend: It’s difficult to live blog something and enjoy the moment at the same time. There were many times I thought, “I should write about this…but not right now.” We’d hunt all day, get some dinner, go to the pool, play some cribbage, and by the time I got back to my room when I could write something I was too tired. I’ve got this week off to recap anyway.

It was another unforgettable opening weekend. I got my best buck in ten years. My streak of quality bucks during years ending in 8 continues. I can count on mediocre deer until 2028. We saw more deer than we have in years. I wish Tyson could’ve gotten a shot at the beauty that got close yesterday. Not close enough, unfortunately. I wish Kneecap hadn’t eaten that prime rib. I hope he’s back among the living today. I’m excited to get home and drop the needle on my purchases from Revival Records. I’m honored to be the first winner of the BBD traveling trophy. I will display Mitch and Gary proudly for the next year and defend it to the best of my abilities in 2019.

Mostly I’m just basking in the warmth of another great weekend in the woods with family and friends. I’m going to put my iPhone away now and focus on my last hour in the stand before the long drive home. Maybe there will be another BBD before the hour is over.

More to come this week…

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