Deer Hunt 2018: BBD

A brief recap of opening morning. We’ve seen 15 deer. The one pictured above is the only one that possessed antlers. He tried to creep past us to the north at about 8:40 AM. I’ll tell the full story another time, but I’m happy with this guy. A big bodied 8-pointer that would’ve been a 10 but has two busted tines. You can tell looking at his rack that he was a fighter. I was thrilled to have Tyson along for this one. He just happened to show up on my side of the stand. Now we get one for Ty.

A few other notes:

  • I’m pretty confident the buck wasn’t my first kill of the day. On the way here a fisher mistimed his sprint across the road and met the passenger tires of my Tacoma. For the record, I tried to stop and almost ended up with a backseat covered in mom’s cookies.
  • My buck was nice, but my nephew Josh knocked down a hell of a buck a few hours south of here in New Lisbon. Great job, Josh! Looking forward to celebrating next weekend!
  • We had a big doe and three fawns run right up to our stand at about 7:00 AM. It was fun watching them slowly come to the realization that there were two guys sitting there watching them before they trotted off.
  • Today has been one of the prettiest days I’ve spent in the woods. It was lightly snowing early. Now it’s sunny and the wind is calm. It’s only 20 degrees, but the sun is nice and it’s comfortable.

That’s it for now. Time to get Tyson on the BBD list.

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