Deer Hunt 2018: Getting Caught Up

Since the last post:

  • Uncle Rick was stopped at the Canadian border while looking for Highway 70 west
  • Mitch and Gary arrived
  • Tyson made us all laugh harder than we ever have in our lives when he discovered Dave’s lamb skin cock sheath
  • The Packers second string defense is struggling
  • Tyson and Kneecap learned how to use their Apple Watch Walkie Talkies
  • Kneecap spent way too long trying to convince us that he’s not the one sending us random gifts in the mail like wooden pocket knives with the name Tyrone and Canada and a falcon emblazoned on the side
  • We’re still laughing at lamb skin cock sheath
  • Joe Buck just said “That sack is just so big”

We’ve had a few drinks..,

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