The Curse Has Been Lifted

Colin claimed he’d been in a six month cribbage slump. We took care of that last night. 

Tyson turned in very early and Colin and I got the out cribbage board. I won. Then I won again. We took a smoke break. Then I won again. I wouldn’t let him quit until he won a game. I won again. It was midnight at this point. We started talking about how we’d still be awake at noon the next day playing cribbage when the guys show up. Then it happened…

I messed up pegging. I had a good lead and it evaporated in one hand close to the finish line. He pegged 8-10 points on me and caught up. I had a terrible hand and he blew past me for the victory. The curse has been lifted. We need all hands on deck today when Dave gets here so we can take his dollars. Now Colin is confident and ready. My work here is done. 

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