Daily Prince 9/27/20: And God Created Woman

Tonight is another late one. I’ve been too busy pondering how a person who is supposedly a “blue collar billionaire” is only paying $750 in taxes. Man, fuck that guy. How many times has he declared bankruptcy? How far is he in debt now? Who’s giving money to this fool? How is he not compromised??? Can he finally go to prison where he belongs and stay there so we can all move on from this four year nightmare without anymore of his bullshit? What a complete fraud and failure as a president, businessman, and human being. And 50+ million people will still vote for him in five weeks. WTF? Anyway…

1992’s Love Symbol album is not one of my favorite Prince albums. I believe that his hip hop songs at this time highlight his inability to fully comprehend the art form and how to incorporate it in to his repertoire early on. That’s not to say there isn’t some good music on the album. “7” is one of my favorite Prince songs. “Sexy M.F.” is so funky. “And God Created Woman” is not one of the best songs on the album, but he’s not rapping on it, and neither is Carmen Electra, so that’s a win right off the bat.

“And God Created Woman” has a smooth mid-tempo R&B vibe with a lot of horns and harmony. It has more biblical references than I’d prefer with many of the lyrics referring to the creation of Eve. It seems to me he’s actually singing parts of the song from the perspective of Adam. With a title like “And God Created Woman” I guess what should I expect? It just feels out of place on an album alongside songs like “Sexy M.F.” and “The Continental.” The contents of this song would’ve fit better The Rainbow Children, but I don’t think it’s on par musically with the rest of that album.

“And God Created Woman” is a forgettable song from a time when Prince seemed to be struggling to find his place in popular music. Love Symbol is an interesting but inconsistent album, and this song is one that I typically pass on when it comes up. The lyrical content is heavy with biblical references and I don’t find the music to be interesting enough to save it.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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