Daily Prince 9/2/20: Time

The streak is in danger. In fact, technically it’s over as it’s exactly 12:00 AM on 9/3 as I type this sentence. It’s still 9/2 somewhere, so I’m going to cheat and put 9/2 as the date on this one. In my defense I’m in the midst of the worst 36 hours of my professional career. I should be asleep. I’ve gotten about 3.5 hours of it since 7:00 AM yesterday. Yet here I am. Sitting at my keyboard with a combination of frustration, humiliation, and dread. The kind of feeling that makes you question nearly every decision that’s led you to this point. Not just the big things like, “maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out of college,” but little things like, “why didn’t I do this instead of that Tuesday afternoon?” It’s unshakeable. So I sit here with this surreal combination of extreme exhaustion and soul crushing pressure that won’t allow me to sleep. I mean, I was already suffering from the kind of mild Covid/Trump induced “low-grade depression” that Michelle Obama spoke of on her podcast two weeks ago. As usual, I will attempt to write my way out of this funk. At least I have the best wife and kids anyone could ask for. Maybe I should just never leave my home again. Hard to make a living that way…

I was hoping for something full of dread and pessimism to pop up on the Daily Prince Song Randomizer so I could really lean in to this feeling and turn this post in to a greater cathartic gut-spilling session that it already is. Unfortunately, that might be one thing Prince wasn’t very good at. I am struggling to think of a Prince song that captures this feeling. “Sometimes It Snows In April” is my go-to Prince song when I want something sad, but it doesn’t really fit this occasion. If you’ve got a Prince song that addresses the kind of dread and regret that eats at your soul while you toil in a prison of your own making please send it this way!

Instead I got “Time” from 2014’s Art Official Age. I dig this album, but “Time” is not one of the songs I go back to frequently. “Time” is a duet with Andy Allo, who I have to admit I know more for her role as Nora on the Amazon Prime series Upload. I had that show recommended to me more than once and when I saw her name in the credits it looked familiar. Turns out she worked with Prince around the same time as Lianne LaHavas, who has become a favorite of mine. I need to give Andy Allo’s music a listen.

“Time” is a super chill slow song that clocks in at just under 7:00. Prince and Allo exchange verses and combine on the chorus, singing about getting some time alone with each other. Unlike my recent post on “Lolita,” a song about Prince rejecting the advances of a much younger woman, “Time” is more about Prince giving in to that temptation. Late in the song he sings, “I’m sick and tired of playing hard to get with an animal that’s half my age.” “Time” is more about settling down and falling in love with a younger woman, though, where “Lolita” was about a hookup at a club.

There are two standout aspects to this song in my opinion. The first, as always, is Prince’s work on the bass. This could be mistaken for just another R&B slow jam, but instead of a generic programmed bass line, Prince brings a harder slap bass sound to the track. The other part of the song that jumps out at me is that the vocals on this duet sound a bit disjointed in spots. Not like it’s sloppy. It seems to be slightly off intentionally. Prince and Allo harmonize in spots where I don’t expect to hear harmony, and they’re not quite starting at the exact same time or meshing in a way that I’m used to, but in a good way. Almost as if they’re not supposed to be on the same page.

Putting this laid back Prince track on repeat and putting some words on screen were exactly what I needed to relax tonight. I’m gonna give “Time” a perfectly average score and thank Prince for, as always, being my therapy. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this Thursday will be better than Tuesday and Wednesday were. If I get my Daily Prince post up before midnight it’ll be a step in the right direction.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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