Daily Prince 8/12/20: Right Back Here in My Arms

Well, it finally happened.  Actually, this is the second time it happened.  With WordPress I’m able to schedule posts.  Since my second Daily Prince post I’ve been scheduling them to go up at 7:00 AM.  Every day when I write and schedule something I think to myself, “One of these days I’m going to mess up and put 7:00 PM by accident.”  I’m almost always typing these during the PM hours, so when I go to schedule a post it defaults to PM.  Last night it happened.  I did it about a month ago too, but I caught it much earlier.  This morning it hit me, I didn’t get my usual reminder from WordPress that my post went up, as scheduled.  Sure enough.  Scheduled to go up at 7:00 PM.  So, to my loyal daily readers who thought I slipped up and missed a day, you’re half right.  I slipped up and scheduled it 12 hours late.  My bad.  Maybe it was a subconscious decision since I don’t particularly like today’s song, or have much to say about it.  Regardless, here’s “Right Back Here in My Arms” a few hours late:

We’re back on Prince’s 1996 triple album Emancipation for “Right Back Here in My Arms” today.  “Right Back Here in My Arms” was the B-side to Emancipation’s first single, “Betcha By Golly Wow!”  It has a minor, almost dark sound to it.  Based on the title I expected it to be a slow jam love song, but it is not.  It actually has a bit of a 90’s G Funk, west coast sound to it.  Prince isn’t breaking any new ground on this track.  In fact, like much of Prince’s mid-90’s work, it’s a little too generic for my liking.  Like any of the other R&B cats from that era could’ve made this song.  Prince should be above that, in my opinion.

If you’ve been reading this site you know there’s a formula at this point for mediocre Prince songs, especially from the 1994-1999 era.  Let’s run down that list as it pertains to “Right Back Here in My Arms:”

Generic sounding beat: check
Prince rapping: check
Shit talking about prowess with women: check
Nothing that shows off Prince’s otherworldly musical abilities: check

This song checks all the boxes.  I’ll say this, though: I kind of dig Prince’s flow on this song.  His rapping works for me on this track.  The shit talking is largely toned down on this song as well, but it’s still there.  At one point he’s rapping about being focused on whatever is helping to make her wetter.  Prince’s bread and butter for a long time was singing nasty shit about women, but so often he was just more creative about it than everyone else.  So much of the 90’s stuff just sounds less like creativity and more like lazy shit talking.  We get it, you can make her wetter.  I know Prince is capable of finding a more poetic and interesting way to say it.

Since I put the words “nasty” and “women” in the same sentence, I feel compelled tonight to write about the great Kamala Harris.  Yes, our President, the pillar of class and dignity that he is, passed on the opportunity to congratulate Ms. Harris and welcome her to the race like any human with an ounce of decency would do.  Instead he referred to her as a nasty woman, as he’s done with so many before.  His sexism is as predictable as his racism.  Let’s get one thing straight: Anyone Donald Trump refers to as a “nasty woman” is one of my favorite people.  Period.  If you earned the tag “nasty woman” from President Trump you have a fan in me.  Imagine how much harder Kamala Harris had to work to get where she is than a white man.  She’s “nasty” because of the way she questioned Justice Kavanaugh or because of how she grilled Joe Biden during a presidential debate.  Isn’t that what she’s supposed to do?  That’s called someone doing their job.  She just happens to be better at it than anyone else.  She’s going to make Biden a better candidate and President.  I’m thrilled to see Harris on the ticket and look forward to the day (2024 or 2028?) when we’re referring to her as President Harris.

Anyway, I just don’t have a lot more to say about “Right Back Here in My Arms.”  This isn’t exactly expert analysis, but I just don’t dig the vibe on this track.  It doesn’t hit my ears right.  Prince can do better.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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