Daily Prince 8/1/20: The Human Body

It’s a new month, y’all.  Time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  July was a subpar month for the Daily Prince blog.  I mean that literally.  I rate each song on a scale of 0 to 5 simply based on how much I like it.  Since 2.5 is in the middle, I consider a 2.5 an average Prince song.  July’s songs scored an average of 2.3.  We had only one 4-star or better song in the month (“Let’s Work”) and seven songs at 1.5 stars and under.  Damn.  Let’s get off to a better start in August!  Today’s song is…”The Human Body.”

Uh oh.

“The Human Body” comes to us from the 1996 triple album Emancipation.  It contains 36 tracks.  With that much music there are bound to be some misses, just as there are likely to be some experimental tracks.  I appreciate experimental tracks.  Sometimes they produce the best results, especially with a genius like Prince at work.  “The Human Body” is house music.  I know house is some people’s thing, but it’s not mine.  Same tempo, same exact beat, same general sound.  I find it soulless and boring as hell.  “The Human Body” is the kind of song that would completely kill my mood and make me leave the dance floor if I was at a club.

So, that leads me to the flaw in me or anyone critiquing music.  I give these songs ridiculous ratings every day like I’m somehow qualified to criticize a genius like Prince.  How does one rate music?  Is it possible to see the quality in a genre of music that you don’t like?  For example, if you asked me to rate a country album on a scale of 1-5 I’m probably never going to give even the highest quality country album more than 1 star because I generally hate that shit.  Despite that, I think I can tell the difference in quality between Chris Stapleton and Brad Paisley the same way I can tell the difference between The Roots and Vanilla Ice.  I couldn’t tell you to save my life if “The Human Body” is good house music.  Shit all sounds the same to me.  I guess that makes me ignorant.  Someone who knows better will have to tell me.

So, that brings me to my rating.  I’m giving this song a terrible score because I don’t like it.  Maybe I should rate it higher because of the quality compared to other songs in the genre.  I don’t care.  My site, my ratings.  This song is not my thing.  I look forward to writing about another song tomorrow and moving on from this one.  August is off to a rocky start.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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