Daily Prince 7/19/20: Marz

If you’ve followed the Daily Prince you know I love me some 3rdEyeGirl.  Their 2014 album PlectrumElectrum didn’t get the respect or attention I thought it deserved.  3rdEyeGirl was/is crazy talented and easily the best rock band to play with Prince over the course of his illustrious career.  Prince’s 3rdEyeGirl era was far too brief.

Speaking of too brief, today’s song “Marz” clocks in at only 1:48, but it packs a massive amount of energy in its short run time.  This his hard driving, guitar heavy, uptempo rock music reminiscent of some of Prince’s early work.  I’m thinking “Bambi” from his self-titled 1979 album combined with the speed and intensity of either “Partyup” or “Sister” from 1980’s Dirty Mind.  It was the perfect addition to Prince’s final, epic 8-minute SNL performance in 2014, sandwiched in the middle and transitioning from the funk/R&B sound of Art Official Age and Lianne La Havas to the hard rock of PlectrumElectrum and 3rdEyeGirl.

What makes “Marz” better than most of the sub-2:00 speed rock/punk music you hear is the songwriting.  Since the song is so short, I’m just gonna take the lyrics and put them here for you to enjoy:

Lost my job at Micky D’s
For giving away too much food for free
But I couldn’t watch another black child go to school
With nothing to eat
Seven of us then took to the streets
Raised by the music, fed by the beat
Seeing how long we could stay out of jail
It’s how we
That’s how we’d compete
We never owned the streets that we kept defending
The money we got we just end up spending
With nothing to save and not a thing for lending
You’re never really happy just good at pretending
Everybody in the world wants to be a star
Few got what it takes to get that far
If a rocket ship didn’t cost more than a car
A brother might move,
Might move, might move to Marz

The last line is the one that gets me.  If a rocket ship didn’t cost more than a car a brother might move to Marz.  Seems appropriate for 2020.  Bonus points for spelling “Marz” with a Z.  Everything is better with a Z.

A couple things before I wrap up.  I said this last time I wrote about 3rdEyeGirl, but it’s worth repeating.  Watch this when you get a chance.  It’s one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen.  What an amazing band.  I discovered it on YouTube a couple months ago and I’ve watched it in its entirety at least four times since.

Next, I mentioned Lianne La Havas above.  I discovered her through her work on Art Official Age and have been a fan ever since.  She just dropped a new self-titled album and you should check it out.  Sets a nice vibe to take your mind off of the shit show currently taking place around us.

That’s it for this Sunday.  Let’s get outside, stay the hell away from other people, and get some fresh air.  If you need something to get you motivated on your Sunday morning click on the clip of “Marz” above and let Prince and 3rdEyeGirl light a fire under your ass.  I will start using “Marz” as my alarm clock song on Monday.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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