Daily Prince 7/5/20: Do Your Dance

In 70+ posts, this was a first.  I can’t find this song online to post a link.  Today’s song, “Do Your Dance,” was on 1991’s 12″ single for “Cream” but I can’t find it online anywhere.  I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t do a lot of digging beyond five minutes of Google searching.  All I found was a bunch of links to Cameo’s “Word Up” instead, and now I can’t get Larry Blackmon singing “Do you dance, do your dance quick,” out of my head.  Here’s the real reason I didn’t put too much effort in to my search for “Do Your Dance”: you’re not missing much.  I thought the video for 2015’s “Baltimore” was more inspiring.  I look forward to getting that song someday.

Today we get “Do Your Dance.”  The only version of this song I could find is officially called “KC’s Remix.”  The fact that it’s called a remix implies that there’s an original version of it somewhere, but if there is, I can’t find it.  Also, for what it’s worth, the KC named in the remix is not Kansas City or Jodeci vocalist K-Ci Hailey.  It is someone named Keith Cohen, who was (still is?) an engineer who worked with Prince.

As I mentioned about, I was unable to find “Do Your Dance” online, but you’re never gonna believe this…I have it on vinyl.  I know.  Surprise!  The B-side of the “Cream” maxi-single is the song “Do Your Dance (KC’s Remix)” along with the songs “Housebangers,” “Q In Doubt (Instrumental),” and “Ethereal Mix.”  The entire thing is essentially one 19-minute song that gets monotonous after the first few minutes.  “Do Your Dance” is an extension of “Cream” in that the lyrical basis for the song is taken directly from “Cream” as they repeat “Do your dance, why should you wait any longer?” for much of the song.  While there is some cool instrumental work on this track – specifically some good slap bass courtesy of New Power Generation bassist Sonny T. – you better like early-90’s house music if you’re gonna get in to this.  This is reminiscent of something by Haddaway, CeCe Peniston, or the C&C Music Factory stuff without Freedom Williams.  I’m guessing this song would’ve blown the roof off of Club Copa in 1991, but it doesn’t do much for me in 2020.

Since I have little else to say about this song, I’m going to throw a little personal anecdote in here because it was a big weekend for me as a Prince vinyl collector.  As I’ve mentioned a few times here, I’m selling some of my lesser used vinyl on Discogs.com so I can hopefully turn it in to some relatively rare Prince vinyl that I don’t yet have. The unowned Prince records on my list are Batman, Graffiti Bridge, Diamonds and Pearls, The Love Symbol, Come, and The Gold Experience.  Any other Prince albums that I don’t have on vinyl simply don’t exist on that format.  On Friday I had enough money in my Paypal account that I was ready to make my first purchase.  I found a good deal on a copy of Graffiti Bridge from a seller in Chicago who also had a good copy of a Terence Trent D’Arby record I wanted, so I jumped at it.  On Saturday I was able to visit one of my favorite places on the planet – Strictly Discs in Madison, Wisconsin – for the first time in five months and I almost fell over when I found an excellent copy of Batman on vinyl for a better price than I’ve seen online.  Strangely, they also had a much nicer copy of Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby than the one I have, so I got Prince and TTD records on back-to-back days.  I’m telling you, if you’ve been sleeping on TTD for 30+ years you need to stop what you’re doing and watch this performance.  He’s one of the greatest vocalists to ever do it.

Anyway, back to today’s song, “Do Your Dance.”  Early-90’s house is just not my thing.  Since I can’t give you a link, your homework is to watch the “Baltimore” video and do a YouTube deep dive on Terence Trent D’Arby.  Good day.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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