Daily Prince 6/21/20: Wedding Feast

“Wedding Feast” is just under one minute in length and I don’t believe it was meant to be taken very seriously, so you’re getting a brief post on this June Sunday.

“Wedding Feast” starts beautifully with Kip Blackshire’s brief a cappella performance.  Then Prince jumps in and sings “Now there must be a wedding.  Now there must be a feast.”  Then the background vocalists start singing about a feast to the tune of something from The Wizard of Oz.  It becomes an opera and they mention turkey and a vat of chitlins.  Prince gives a little laugh, and it’s over before you know what hit you.

I’m not going to try to make this song anything more than I believe it was meant to be; a silly opera interlude.  I’ve always appreciated The Rainbow Children, and do even more now that the vinyl was just reissued and I’m able to spin it on my turntable.  It’s a fascinating look in to Prince’s spirituality and contains some amazing musicianship – different from most Prince albums because there’s an intentional focus on jazz.  “Wedding Feast” captures none of that.  I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars and it’s completely unnecessary.  Shout out to Kip Blackshire, though, who impresses me every time I hear him.

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