Daily Prince 6/19/20: Anotherloverholenyohead

Yet another classic from 1986’s Parade album.  This is the third song from this album I’ve tackled in June and I love them all.  This song is sandwiched at the end of Parade between funk juggernaut “Kiss” and the all-time king of heartwrenching songs, “Sometimes it Snows in April.”  Somehow “Anotherlover…” fits perfectly.

This song is yet another reminder on the Parade album of what could’ve been had Prince continued on his path with The Revolution.  The performance of the song is credited to the entire band.  This was not Prince alone in the studio.  It might not be heavy with electric guitar, but this song has a hard rock feel to me.  This is not one of Prince’s many funk jams.  The background vocals of Lisa Coleman and Wendy and Susannah Melvoin complement Prince perfectly, especially on the second verse.  To be honest, Prince’s vocals are difficult to follow on the second verse and Wendy, Lisa, and Susannah keep it on track.  It makes for a unique sound, similar to the second verse of “Adore.”  Following this album Prince broke up with The Revolution and went in a different direction.  He ended up making Sign ‘O’ The Times next and many consider that to be his best work.  It’s not like he lost his fastball after The Revolution broke up.  Still, you could hear their influence in his work on their last two albums and I think he was going in a good direction with them.  It would be fun to create a parallel timeline with him continuing his work with the band to see what would’ve happened.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve started selling some vinyl on discogs.com.  Here’s a link to my “store.”  I’m just trying to move a few records that I either never listen to, have more than one of, or are worth enough on that site that I’d rather have the money than the vinyl.  I have three kids in my house.  While I love(d) my copy of Joey Bad$$’s B4.DA.$$ on vinyl, I never get to listen to it because there are always kids around.  I listen to that in my truck when I’m alone.  If I’m not able to enjoy the vinyl I might as well sell it and get something I can listen to, right?  I mention this because the 12″ single of “Anotherloverholenyohead” is available on Discogs and I just purchased it with some of the money I made selling other records.  I got my Joey Bada$$ money today, so my 12″ “Anotherloverholenyohead” is on the way.  I need to hear the extended version of this track.  No disrespect to Joey Bada$$, though.  One of the best in hip hop right now.

Anyway, I’m realizing the flaws of my scoring system lately as a 4.5 seems to high for this song, but a 4.0 seems too low.  I’m going conservative and giving it a strong 4.0.  I will continue to ride for Side 2 of Parade.  So much brilliance and variety on one side of one record.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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