Daily Prince 6/9/20: Tokyo

Now we’re getting deep in to the discography.  “Tokyo” is the fourth track off of Prince’s mostly-instrumental 2004 release C-NoteC-Note was the third live album Prince released from his One Nite Alone… Tour and until 2015 was only available to NPG Music Club Members.  The music from C-Note is actually recordings from pre-show soundchecks that they recorded.  As you can imagine, it’s a lot of free flowing jams full of improvisation.

That leads us to “Tokyo” which was recorded in November of 2002 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Just kidding.  It was recorded in Tokyo.  That’s about the only thing about this track that would indicated that it has anything to do with Tokyo.  It doesn’t have any hint of far eastern sound.  It’s relaxing, down-tempo mood music.  The piano in particular on this track is nice.  It’s difficult to know who was playing on these tracks because they were simply credited to Prince and The New Power Generation.  No matter.  I dig the vibe on this song and wish this was available on vinyl.  This album has never been available on any physical format.  Not even CD.  Only as a download.  Again, I pitch my idea to create a Prince vinyl subscription plan.

The entire C-Note album is enjoyable from start to finish.  While there certainly weren’t any hits as it was only available to NPG Music Club members and only digital, it’s a more than worthy addition to the Prince catalog.  I promise that you’ll enjoy it if you like instrumental music.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


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