Daily Prince 4/30/20: Breakfast Can Wait

I love 21st century Prince more than…well, maybe anyone. It was certainly hit or miss, but it had more hits for me than a lot of the stuff he was doing in the 90’s. I love 2004’s Musicology. I think 2007’s 3121 is wildly underrated and his best album post-Lovesexy in 1988. Also on the list of new millennium gems is 2014’s Art Official Age.

Arguably his best song of this millennium is “Breakfast Can Wait.” Certainly top 3. It is Prince, so you can imagine what might be happening that could delay breakfast. However, this is not a slow song. Prince had a unique ability to make bangers that were sexy as hell. This mid-tempo jam is funky enough to fit in with his early work. The only thing better than the thumping kick drum, syncopated snare, and nasty bass work are Prince’s layered vocals.

Before a few quick stories about “Breakfast Can Wait” can we appreciate one thing about this song: Prince was 55 years old when he released it. 55! This shit is too sexy for most people half that age. Dude had an AARP card while he was recording this. I’m assuming that’s the reason why Prince does not appear in the video. Instead, he put it in the hands of an unknown 18-year-old named Danielle Curiel who created, choreographed, and performed in the video. The video is a throwback to the old school Janet/Michael Jackson and Usher videos with amazing choreographed dancing throughout. This video is a direct descendant of Janet Jackson’s “If” video, but a much sexier song. As for Ms. Curiel, she now performs under the name DaniLeigh and has a successful music career of her own. Check her out here singing beautifully over a dope Isley Brothers sample.

Lastly, it’d be impossible to write about this song without mentioning Dave Chappelle. Dave impersonated Prince in the epic Chappelle’s Show sketch when Charlie Murphy recalled a night of clubbing, basketball, and pancakes with Prince in the 80’s. When Prince released the “Breakfast Can Wait” single in 2013 he featured Chappelle on the cover of the single. I could go on, but it’s much funnier to let Chappelle tell the story:

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy and Prince.

I know this song doesn’t get play like Prince’s classics but it should. This song is a banger and it’s constantly on repeat for me. I can’t recommend it enough. Prince still had his fastball right up until the end. This song is proof. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

By the way, SiriusXM is starting a Prince Channel for the entire month of May and it’s free to stream right now.  I’ll have it on 24/7 for the next month.  Stop reading me and get over to siriusxm.com and sign up!

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