A 5-Hour Trip to Wendy’s

By Tyson Novinska – November 7, 2019 When it comes to hunting, or shooting anything with a firearm really, there was no way that I could ever come close to the level of marksmanship that my friend Jim could display.  Clays.  Ducks.  Ringnecks.  He could nail anything that was about 18″ and moved at a […]

Public Hunting Problems

By Charlie Brawner – November 17, 2019 We spent most of my early hunting years at “The Shack” in Florence County, Wisconsin.  Don’t ask me to explain the ownership situation at The Shack.  There are at least half a dozen people alive who can summarize this better than I can, but here I go: I […]

The 42-Year Old Rookie

By Charlie Brawner – November 7, 2019 When I was a child my grandpa and uncles went deer hunting every year.  They would leave a day or two before the annual gun deer hunting opener – the Saturday before Thanksgiving – and stay for a few days.  They’d come back for a day or two […]

Legends of Deer Camp: Jim Brawner

Much has been said about dad since he passed away six months ago (Six months?!?).  Most of it good, and deservedly so.  Greeting hundreds of people at his funeral was the kind of experience that makes you question your own life and wonder if you’re making an impact the way he did (I’m not).  If […]