White Whales

I wanted a place to list my most wanted record list so I’m putting it here.  It’s really here for my own reference so when I go to a new record store I can have a list of what I’m looking for.  However, I’m also putting it out here so that if one of my readers finds one of them in a store they can notify me.  Or you could be cool and just purchase it for me.  I’d be OK with that.

As always, ground rules:

1. I may list something that was actually never pressed on vinyl.  I’m aware of that.  I still want it on my list in case it happens and I missed it.

2. I know I can find some of this stuff online.  I love Discogs and have purchased records there before.  I refuse to shop on eBay since I got screwed on a deal years ago and their eBay court ruled against me.  I cancelled my account and never went back.  Bullshit with eBay aside, I prefer going to an actual record store, digging through rows of vinyl, and having the thrill of finding that white whale on my own.  I’ll buy online if I have to, but I prefer actual record stores.

3. I’m not going to list singles.  I really only want Prince singles anyway because there’s always an insane 10-minute version of his songs on the singles.

4. I’m not adding things that are readily available everywhere that I haven’t picked up yet.  There are at least a dozen Blue Note reissues I want right now that I don’t have yet.  I know I can go to any record store and get them right now.  I’m only listing the stuff that’s been difficult for me to find.

That said, here’s my current list:


Anything by Prince that I don’t already have

Prince records are tricky because he’s had so many of them over the course of his career.  A recent selling and buying spree on Discogs has left me with two remaining Prince records that are available on vinyl that I don’t have: 1994’s Come and 1995’s The Gold Experience.  The problem there is that you’re looking at $150+shipping minimum for a VG+ copy of Come and well over $300+shipping for The Gold Experience in the same condition.  I don’t mind buying used, especially when a mint copy of The Gold Experience is going for $760+shipping right now.  As much as I’d like to complete my Prince collection, I’d rather wait and hope that the Prince Estate reissues them at some point.  I’m not spending that much money to get two albums that I can stream anytime I want.  I’ve already spent enough on Batman, Graffiti Bridge, Diamonds and Pearls, and The Love Symbol recently.


Jodeci – Forever My Lady

Yes, my white whale is an R&B album from 1991.  This album and band were a staple of R&B in the 1990’s.  To me, there were two: Boyz II Men and Jodeci.  Jodeci was like a nastier Boyz II Men.  Definitely more hip hop.  An epic lineup of slow jams on this album.  I’ve searched for nearly ten years for this and haven’t found it.  Somehow there’s never been a reissue.  The decent copies on Discogs available right now are going for $110 and $199.  I’m not spending that on one record unless I find it in a store myself and have money to burn.  Someone help me out and tell me where I can find this!


A Tribe Called Quest – The Love Movement

Long believed to be Tribe’s last album.  Only issued once in the US when it was released in 1998.  Going for about $37 on average on Discogs.  I should pull the trigger on this one online if I find the right deal.  $37 is a solid deal and I love this record.


Talib Kweli – Eardrum

I have an extensive Talib Kweli collection on vinyl, but this is my favorite Kweli solo album and I cannot find it.  So many great tracks on here that I would love to hear on record.  Decent copies on Discogs are going for a reasonable $45.  A mint copy is at $300.  I’m hoping Kweli sells copies on KweliClub.com at some point.


Mos Def – The New Danger

Nothing beats Black on Both Sides, but I still loved Mos’s later stuff, too.  This album is tricky because it came during a time before vinyl blew up when there wasn’t a lot getting pressed.  Available on Discogs, but for a pretty penny.  Minimum $60 for a halfway decent copy of this record.


Jodeci – Diary of a Mad Band

Yes, more Jodeci.  I love that band.  This one is tricky.  The US pressing from 1993 comes in a generic Uptown Records sleeve.  The UK pressing has the actual album art, and I’d much rather have that.  That goes for $33 on average on Discogs, but I don’t necessarily trust it.  I’d want to see it if I was going to buy it.  Can’t believe this hasn’t been reissued either.  Timbaland was involved long before he was a household name.  Missy Elliott and Magoo appear on this album before they got famous.  Great album.  I found Jodeci’s third album on vinyl one day at Strictly Discs.  Still need the other two.



De La Soul – Stakes is High

I’d call it De La Soul’s slept on classic, but aren’t all of their albums slept on classics?  Certainly anything post-De La Soul is Dead is slept on.  They’re all classics.  I have most of De La’s stuff on vinyl already but this one has eluded me.  This is a great album start to finish, but it’s also special because it’s the first time I heard Mos Def and fell in love with his style immediately.  The only official US issue of this album was the year it was released: 1996.  Average sale price on Discogs is $65.  Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone like Vinyl Me, Please reissues this like they did Buhloone Mindstate and De La Soul is Dead.


John Legend – Once Again

My favorite John Legend record.  Never pressed on vinyl.  WTF?!?  Someone get on that.


The Roots – The Roots Come Alive

When VMP releases Phrenology next month, I’ll only need one more album to complete my Roots collection.  I even have the Home Grown albums.  I do not have The Roots Come Alive.  It’s not terribly expensive on Discogs, starting at about $40 for a copy, but it’s over $200 for a mint copy.  I have a request for The Roots: Release a Roots Come Alive 2 album.  This album is 21 years old.  I’ve been to seven Roots concerts.  The show has changed drastically.  If I had an updated live Roots album I’d be spinning it constantly.


Mos Def – True Magic

Not as strong as some of Yasiin’s previous work, but still some cool shit on this album and one I’d like to get.  This album is unique because there’s no cover.  Just two records in white sleeves with a clear plastic cover.  Maybe he was trying to be minimalist…or maybe he was already becoming indifferent toward music.  Relatively attainable on Discogs with decent copies in the $40-$50 range.


Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It

An amazing soul album from 2008.  I’m kind of surprised it’s as difficult to find as it is.  I think this album was a few years too early before the explosion of vinyl and there weren’t many pressed.  The cheapest you can find on Discogs are pretty much exactly $100 and I just don’t want this one that badly.  Certainly worth of being pressed again.


Miles Davis – The Prestige 10-inch LP Collection, Volume One

These Miles Prestige collections were Record Store Day releases in 2014 and 2015.  I received Volume Two as a birthday gift from my brother in 2015.  I’ve been hunting for Volume One since.  I want the entire collection.  Not only is the music great, but they’re beautiful sets with really cool packaging.  I also love 10” vinyl.  This set goes for $64 on average on Discogs but everything I see there now is $75 and up.


Jill Jones – Jill Jones

I’ve never heard this album.  I made the mistake of stating that in a blog post on a Prince fan site.  I believe my remark was something like, “I’m not familiar with Jill Jones’s version of ‘Baby, You’re a Trip’ but I guarantee Prince’s is better.”  The guy who runs the site even warned me in advance that I probably shouldn’t admit that, but it was the truth and it was how I felt.  In hindsight, a stupid thing to say…just dismissing someone without even hearing her song.  However, I feel safe saying when comparing someone’s music to Prince’s, they’re probably not as good.  Seemed harmless enough.  Within minutes I was seeing comments like, “How can this guy call himself a Prince fan if he’s never heard Jill Jones?”  Pretty easily, actually.  Point taken, though.  I can’t find this album streaming, so I’ve been trying to find it on vinyl for the past several months.  Only issued on vinyl in 1987 when it was released.  Going for $20 on average at Discogs.  I’ve just been adamant that I want to find this one in person.  I thought for sure I’d find it at Electric Fetus when I went, but no luck thus far.


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Homebase

Not my favorite JJFP album, but it contains arguably my favorite song of all time: Summertime.  I need this on vinyl for that reason alone.  Yet another album I can’t believe hasn’t seen a reissue.  You can get a copy of this on vinyl for $28 on Discogs and I should probably just do it.  Another one of those records I’m hoping I’ll stumble across in a store instead like I did He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper at Strictly Discs a few years ago.