Thrones Pool

May 13

After 72 episodes we only have about 80 minutes left in our beloved story?!?  As expected, a couple things in the pool have gotten ambiguous.  I feel the need to explain a few things as we enter the final episode:

1. Remember, the scores you see on the spreadsheet right now are based on if the show ended right now.  We currently have Eric Miller in first place with 31 points.  I’m getting this out of the way now: IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR $10 ENTRY FEE TO DAVE EVANS, PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS.  If you don’t know how to pay, scroll to the bottom of this page.  The show ends in six days.  Winner takes all.

2. Also remember that we stated in the beginning that anyone not confirmed dead will be considered alive.  Right now we have 14 people confirmed dead:

  • The Mountain (RIP to the only person ever to use the word “cunt” with more frequency than my uncle)
  • The Hound (Have to admit, I wasn’t as pumped for Cleganebowl as a lot of people, but it was better than the hype)
  • Beric (Just one more time I want to hear him say “Clegane”.  Great voice on that guy.)
  • Euron (He went out the same way he lived: Like an ass hole in stylish leather pants)
  • Theon (Hindsight is 20/20, but charging the Night King with no plan of attack was a bad idea)
  • Cersei (Sincerely, someone give Lena Headey an award for eight seasons of the finest acting I’ve ever seen on television.  Cersei was amazing.)
  • Jaime (Cersei and Jaime went out like Jyn Erso and that dude in Rogue One)
  • Melisandre (She went out like the old lady in Tangled)
  • Missandei (If I’m 100% certain of any death on this list, it’s poor Missandei.  No ambiguity there.)
  • Jorah (As someone I follow on Twitter put it: resting forever in the Friend Zone in the Sky)
  • Night King (Not 100% convinced he’s dead)
  • Rhaegal (I regret that I never got to ask Euron how far he had to lead Rhaegal to shoot him through the neck while he was flying – I don’t know…100 MPH? – with a crossbow from at least a mile away.  Considering the wind, distance, speed, and that it looked like a difficult crossing shot, that was amazing.  Bad luck for old Rhaegal.)
  • Varys (Who gets his rings?)
  • Viserion (Five more seconds and he would’ve ended Jon Snow)

My apologies for not including characters such as Edd, Qyburn, Lyanna Mormont, Aaron Rodgers, Gold Company powerhouse Harry Strickland, and Harry Strickland’s regal white steed in the death pool.  I had to draw the line somewhere.  Strickland made the best of his two conversations and four minutes of screen time before Grey Worm put that spear through him, though.  I’ll bet most of you didn’t even know his name was Harry Strickland or who I was talking about until I mentioned his horse.  I’m still not sure his name was Harry.  It might’ve been Henry.  Or Larry?  Rod?  Hard to remember.  You know a character wasn’t very memorable when people’s reaction to his death was, “Oh no, not the horse!”  Credit to Andy Brawner for being the only person in the pool to go 14-for-14 predicting the deceased through five episodes.

3. In the spirit of “if the show ended right now” you’ll notice that the standings currently show Daenerys as the person “sitting on the throne” after last night’s episode.  It had been Cersei all season until last night.  Safe to say, unless Jaime’s tender embrace was enough to shield her from several tons of rubble, she won’t be emerging to reclaim the throne.  Eric’s selection of Dany as the person on the throne at the end is what puts him ahead of Andy going in to the final episode.  The “Who sits on the throne?” question is worth five points and if it changes hands next week that will drastically change the results, especially since multiple people within striking distance of Eric have different answers.

4. To answer the question of “Who kills Cersei?” we had a quick small council meeting after the episode last night and decided the correct answer was Daenerys.  One could make arguments for Drogon, the Red Keep, Jaime for leading her to a dead end in a basement, and Cersei’s own stubbornness killing her, but ultimately it was Dany on the dragon calling the shots.  She’s the one who burned the Red Keep to the ground on top of Cersei.  She gets the glory.  Congrats to Chris Hronek for being the only person in the pool to earn two points for correctly predicting that.

I think that covers everything we need for now.  Have a great week and enjoy the finale!

April 22

Last night’s episode seems to have sparked a bit of controversy online, not that anyone should be surprised.  Doesn’t every episode?  Apparently a lot of GoT heads are more bloodthirsty than I.  I have always been one to appreciate the moment before the moment.  I like the anticipation more than the actual payoff.  I prefer Christmas Eve over Christmas Day.  Last night was the anticipation and one of my favorite episodes.  It was also a flashback episode without the actual flashbacks.  When Tyrion and Jaime had the conversation about how far they’d come I was half expecting a two-minute clip of them together in season one.  They could’ve easily made last night a two-hour flashback episode if they wanted to.  It could’ve happened in almost every scene…Sam and the Night’s Watch guys, Jaime and Brienne, Jaime and Bran, Gendry and Arya, The Hound and Beric, The Hound and Arya, etc.  Too bad a week from now they’ll all be dead…or most of them anyway.  The results of our pool remain unchanged for the second week in a row, but we won’t be saying that next week.  That, or we’ll have the most anti-climactic battle in television history, and then I’ll also be one of the people complaining online.  Hard to imagine the same people who sat around the fireplace last night all enjoying a triumphant high five together next Sunday night.  At least we got to see Davos serving up bowls of brown for a few minutes before his imminent death.  I’ve spent eight seasons obsessing over a food simply called “brown”.  Glad I finally got an extended look at it.  If anyone has any good brown recipes, please hook me up.

April 15

Last night reminded us that some things never change.  Northerners don’t like outsiders.  Poor Bronn’s trips to the brothel will always be interrupted.  The Night King is the Picasso of dismembered limbs and is equally adept with horse or human parts.  Bran would be an amazing deer hunter.  He’s skilled with a bow and apparently has the patience to sit in the same place for days if need be.  We also got to see Dany and Jon on a magical dragon ride.  I kept waiting for Dany to turn to Jon and start singing, “I can show you the world…”  There was plenty from last night’s episode to digest while we spend the week wondering what The North has in store for Jaime Lannister, but there wasn’t any action in the pool.  We didn’t have young Lord Umber on our list, so we ended the episode exactly where it began.  I modified the sheet to make it easier to read.  The spreadsheet is currently set up so the scores are what they’d be if the show ended right now.  Later in the season when something actually happens to change the scoring we might make some adjustments, but for now, click here to see the current leaderboard.  If the season ended now Cody, Jodi, and Sharon would tie which makes me wonder if we need to establish a mutually agreed upon tiebreaker, or if we just split the winnings three ways.  We should ask Bronn to settle it, because he knows a thing or two about three ways!  HEYO!!!  Five episodes left.  Enjoy your week.

Also, this.

April 14

It’s been 595 days since episode 67 of Game of Thrones.  Tonight we finally get episode 68.  Our Thrones Pool is officially closed to new entries.  We have 23 competitors.  Dave and I have not had a chance to complete the official score sheet yet, but we want you all to have access to the picks before we all watch tonight.  If you’d like to view the spreadsheet with everyone’s predictions for the season click here.  We will make it prettier in the coming days – maybe even later tonight – but there’s a Bucks playoff game coming up and the season premiere starts in just under four hours.  No time for that now.

Just a reminder that the pool does have a $10 entry fee, so please provide your buy-in to me or Dave Evans in cash or via Apple Pay at 920-676-6076.  Best of luck tonight.  We’ll be back soon with more.

When you play the Game of Thrones (pool) you win or you die*

*You don’t actually die if you don’t win

Also, this.

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