First Deer

I’d like to try something new this year.  Some of these blog posts are going to be live documents that will be continually updated by the deer hunting crew.  We can exchange stories and add to the post as frequently as we feel necessary. The first topic is going to be a simple one: Recall […]


Frequent readers of the blog will want to sit down for this one.  As you all know, the unofficial sponsor of the deer hunting blog has always been Kwik Trip.  Sponsor is probably not the appropriate word.  Inspiration?  Muse?  Delicious snack and satisfying beverage provider?  I always thought sponsor sounded good, but it’s not […]

Welcome to Deer Season #30

It’s been raining a lot lately.  Last Thursday the high temperature didn’t reach the 70’s and sleeping with the windows open left the house chilly in the morning.  My kids start school tomorrow.  The Badgers won Friday night.  The Packers kickoff in six days.  The calendar tells me it’s September.  Fall is creeping in.  Where […]

It’s a Father/Son Avengers Marathon!

I’ve never been comic book guy.  I’m a Star Wars guy.  Not that they’re mutually exclusive.  I’ve always loved Star Wars for whatever reason and other than that I’ve never really been in to sci-fi/superhero/comic book culture.  That’s not to say that I dislike it.  I’ve seen my fair share of Superman and Batman movies […]

Prince’s Christmas in August

My buddy Tyson texted me this link on Friday morning.  If you’re interested in learning a lot more about it, check out this link.  Now I’ll attempt to sum it up.  From 1995 until 2010 Prince released a lot of music that hardly saw the light of day.  Much of it was for his various […]