A Heavy Breakfast

Colin chose the biscuits and gravy for breakfast. He gave it a hell of an effort. He also ended up buying Pepto at the convenience store. On the bright side, he won’t have to eat again until Tuesday. 

The Curse Has Been Lifted

Colin claimed he’d been in a six month cribbage slump. We took care of that last night.  Tyson turned in very early and Colin and I got the out cribbage board. I won. Then I won again. We took a smoke break. Then I won again. I wouldn’t let him quit until he won a […]

They’re On to Us

Just got to KT in Bonduel. The roller grill was completely empty. I went out to the truck to get my phone and take a picture. By the time I got back in, three was a girl loading the grill with chicken roller bites. They knew we were here!!! Someone at KT HQ is reading […]

Looking for Craig Mack Fans in Polk County

Tyson and I have been driving to deer camp together on and off since about 1994.  Back then we were heading north on 141 to Florence County.  If you hit 41 at the wrong time you’d be backed up all the way from Abrams (or even further south…like the Weigh Station south of Abrams) to […]

Is it Really October 29?

I was trying, but I wasn’t really feeling fall this year.  Life keeps getting in the way of outdoor fun.  It’d be easy to say, “You’re 40 now, Charlie, time to grow up.”  I have two responses to that. First: Bullshit. Second: I’ve been grown up.  I’ve had a job and a family for years, […]